The original name of the pyramid Vastu used to be Pyra-Vastu which faded in the midst of misconception theories of Vastu & energy science during the last 2 to 3 decades. But during the last decade, the Pyramid Vastu has gained much value & recognition amongst the topmost Pyra experts. The usual Pyramids are made of fiber, paperboard, wood, metal, clay, stone, plastic & resins. These materials might be working but all of these materials are not holy materials. On the other hand, real Crystal or Quartz crystal is very expensive if one gets in the normal size of 3 inches X 3 inches X 2 Inches (LxWxH). Then the effectiveness of Crysto-Pyra is also compared and found to be the best from a cost & effectiveness point of view.


If Vastu is the science of energies & vibrations then definitely there must be one or more objects which are defined as the energy boosters. The Crysto-Pyra are such devices that are believed to be energy boosters that may be fixed with fewer efforts. These Crysto-Pyra are more energetic as compared to other objects used in Vastu Shastra like plastic or resin or fiber etc. If the earth vibrations are weak & we have no other option than to construct the building on the weaker plot or land then using Crysto-Pyra is a very effective technique. Similarly, if there Is anyone or more Vastu defects in a house or commercial site, then Crysto Pyras are recommended by most of the Vastu consultants worldwide. They have spots/ marking/ inlaid stones etc. These spots may be triangular, they may be round or in other shapes, they all are same & good to use

  1. The material may be smoky (Blackish)
  2. The material may also be spotty
  3. It may be dusky or clayish.

All are perfect to be used as the EARTH-ENERGY-BOOSTERS and For Vastu Remedies.

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