The cooking platform, gas stove, oven, etc. should be in the east or southeast corner. The platform should be along the eastern wall. Keep the appliances and gas stove a few inches away from the wall. Face East or North-East while cooking.

Taps, Washbasin, Drinking Water etc. should be in the North-East corner of the kitchen. The slope of the Kitchen should be towards North-East. In case a fridge is needed in the kitchen, place it in the West direction. Electric appliances like Mixer, Toaster, Ovens, Microwaves should be in the South-East or South direction.

Shelves/Cupboards for storage should be on the South or West sides. Stocks of dal, rice etc. can be placed in North-West.

Do not place the gas-Stove in an alcove or recess created in the South-East. The kitchen should have big windows in the North and East to let plenty of natural light. In case you want to incorporate a dining table in the kitchen, have it on the west side. The kitchen should be well lit either by windows letting in natural light or good artificial lightning-like fluorescent light (tube light).

The person working at the stove should not have his or her back towards the entrance of the kitchen and should be able to see anyone coming into the kitchen without turning her head very far. In case you already have this problem in your kitchen, place a mirror beside or behind the store to reflect the entrance.

There should be sufficient room around the stove for the person to work. If the cook feels cramped and confined, it can affect the quality of food. To remedy this kitchen walls can be painted in a light colour. A soft pink, orange or cream are recommended. It is important to keep the kitchen uncluttered and clean. Things should be kept in order. Spoons/forks utensils should be in their allotted spaces. Care should be taken to check the stocks from time to time and any foods beyond the expiry dates should be thrown.

The stove should be kept clean and welt looked after. The stove represents the finances of the family. The burners should be kept unblocked and regularly in use.

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